No Trousers Tube Ride In London, check why


People have been spotted riding the subway in subway-themed trousers, using ticket machines barefoot, and riding the “Liz Line” in half-suits and boots.

Londoners join commuters from all over the world to kick off their pants and hit the Tube on Sunday, this time for the 12th Annual No Hose Tube Lift, organised by the Stiff Upper Lip Society, with bare feet in droves on the tube. I was. Photos from the event in London show people wearing tube-themed trousers as they enter the subway, use ticket machines and escalators without pants, and board the Elizabeth Line half-naked and confused. was in the picture. The event was part of The No Pants Subway Lift, a regular global event created by Improv Far and Wide in 2002 in New York. Other metropolitan areas around the world are said to have attended Sunday’s event.


This strange act by a Londoner will definitely surprise you. They took off their pants to commemorate his annual No Trousers Tube Ride event. It all started 20 years ago. Read everything you need to know about the No Trousers Tube Ride 2023, which sent thousands of Sunday traveler pant-less on the Elizabeth Line Tube Ride, which just opened last year. We’ll soon find out how this annual celebration is actually celebrated in the most ridiculous way imaginable. Drop your trousers and see cool, casual Londoners while riding the Elizabeth Line of London Underground.

How was London celebrated No Trousers Tube Ride 2023?

The participants wore professional attire on the top half and only underwear, shoes and socks on the bottom half.Photos taken at the time of the arrest show people casually boarding the subway and sloppily removing their pants. . Participants were divided into groups to provide passengers with different surprises. People were allowed to wear two sets of comfortable or funky underwear if it felt more comfortable.

Major cities that celebrate No Trousers Tube Ride annual event

Since its launch, the event has expanded to London, Germany, France, Australia and Romania, including Lisbon, Tokyo and Toronto.

Requirements for No Trousers Tube Ride 2023 

In order not to spoil the fun of the event, there are only two conditions of entry. Participants are required to remove their pants, remain calm and Keep a straight face about it !! 


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